EckoUnltd has been the leading face of global youth culture since 1993. Started by American fashion icon Marc Ecko, the brand delivers what today’s young consumers want – products that are trend-defining, thought-provoking and engaging. The brand has achieved an iconic stature with its global presence and a loyal consumer following. Ecko products are currently available in over 80 countries with more than 5000 stores and 300 branded direct retail locations. Wherever it goes, it remains an expression of youth culture and that is the thread that has connected Ecko consumers across the world regardless of background. The World Famous Rhino Brand is dedicated to giving young people a chance express themselves and to be true to themselves.
EckoUnltd recently launched its Spring 2015 Collection. EckoUnltd revisited its roots and returned with something fresher! It was a rediscovery of Ecko’s past philosophy that remains relevant today and tomorrow.
The design is defined by THE YOLE UTH LIFESTYLE culture & movement that is visionary, artistic, digital, slicker, slimmer, quicker, more diverse yet unified, with a global perspective and impossible to label with one word. The clear distinctions of the functional versus casual, varsity prep versus street, athletic versus fashion, subtle versus graphic, digital versus art – have now become fused as EckoUnltd presents a collection derived from FASHION tech, athleisure, rugby prep with clean and graphic illustrations… each garment in the Ecko collection is a work of art.
Also on offer is the exclusive MMA (Mix Martial Art) collection for the passionate UFC (United Fighting Championship) followers in the country. This collection with its fierce graphics, furious attitude and brutal looks is guaranteed to be a Knock OUT.
ECKO RED Spring 2015 collection opens the golden Rhino Gate for any girl to become an ECKO RED addict. From the mind of EckoUnltd Creator –Marc Ecko – resound an illustrated women’s collection that is casual, playful, active, pretty and glamorous with a touch of attitude, giving a whole new meaning to Athleisure – where being comfortable yet stylish is an intrinsic part of the ECKO RED lifestyle.

Ecko Unltd.

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